Inclement Weather Information

It's that time of year again when we let you know about inclement weather procedures and snow routes for our school buses.  Our procedures make it possible to transport students to school when it is not possible for our buses to complete regular routes.  The snow routes have been developed to eliminate only those stops, which most often, are the ones drivers cannot reach.  Students affected by the changes will be contacted individually by letter indicating the time and location the student needs to meet his/her bus when snow routes are in effect.  The bus drivers will give these letters to students each year.  If you have any questions about transportation on inclement weather days, please call the Transportation Department (503-630-8606) as soon as possible.

Radio Announcements for Closures, Late Openings and Snow Routes
  • Radio announcements are made about school closures, late openings, and snow routes.
  • A school closure means all activities are cancelled, as well.
  • An announcement of "late opening" will also state "one hour" or "two hours" later than usual.
  • Buses may be on snow routes when schools open on time. When snow routes are in effect, it means ALL buses on all routes.
  • To avoid confusion, when buses are on snow routes in the morning they will be on snow routes in the afternoon regardless of weather and road conditions.    


Radio Stations Television Stations
KKCS  103.3 KATU/2
KKJZ  106.7
KUPL  98.7
KXL  95.5/750
KINK  103.9 KOIN/6
KEWS  620
KEX  1190
KGON  92.3
KFXX  1520 KGW/8
KOPB  91.5/550
KKSN  97.1
KWJJ  99.5/1080
KKRZ  100.3 KPTV12
KPDQ  93.7/800
KWBY  940
KBPS  89.9/1450
KXYQ  1010
KUIK  1360